The Sacred Hawaiian Goddess of Sunrise and Sunset

The Sacred Hawaiian Goddess of Sunrise and Sunset

In the rich history of Hawaiian mythology, Hina’ea stands as a revered and significant deity. Known as the goddess of sunrise and sunset, Hina’ea holds a special place in Hawaiian culture and traditions. In this blog post, we will delve into the captivating story of Hina’ea, exploring her origins, significance, and her position within the hierarchy of Hawaiian gods and goddesses.

The Origins of Hina’ea

Hina’ea, the goddess of sunrise and sunset, has deep roots in Hawaiian mythology. According to ancient legends, she was born from the cosmic union of the sky father, Wakea, and the earth mother, Papa. Hina’ea is said to possess the ability to control the celestial spheres, commanding the transition from day to night and vice versa.

The Significance of Hina’ea

Hina’ea’s significance in Hawaiian culture extends beyond her role as the goddess of sunrise and sunset. She is believed to be the embodiment of feminine power and fertility. Many Hawaiians revere her as the protector of women, childbirth, and agriculture. Hina’ea’s influence is also linked to the natural world, where her presence is felt in the ebb and flow of tides, the growth of crops, and the cycle of seasons.

Hina’ea in the Hierarchy of Hawaiian Gods and Goddesses

Within the intricate hierarchy of Hawaiian gods and goddesses, Hina’ea holds a prominent position. She is often considered a manifestation of the goddess Hina, who encompasses various aspects of femininity and nature. Hina, in turn, is considered the daughter of the supreme god, Ku, and the sister of other major Hawaiian deities, such as Pele, the goddess of volcanoes, and Kanaloa, the god of the ocean.

Legends and Myths Associated with Hina’ea

Throughout Hawaiian folklore, Hina’ea is a central figure in numerous legends and myths. One popular tale depicts her as the mother of the demigod Maui, renowned for his heroic feats. Hina’ea’s guidance and wisdom play a crucial role in Maui’s endeavors, and her connection to the celestial spheres grants Maui the ability to slow down the sun or hasten its rise.


The Hawaiian goddess Hina’ea, the embodiment of sunrise and sunset, stands as a testament to the rich mythology and cultural heritage of Hawaii. Her significance as a symbol of feminine power, fertility, and natural cycles is deeply intertwined with the lives of the Hawaiian people.

By understanding Hina’ea’s origins and her place within the hierarchy of Hawaiian gods and goddesses, we gain a deeper appreciation for the sacred traditions and beliefs that have shaped the beautiful island paradise.